Free Internet marketing resources

If you are an aspiring Internet Marketer, you are a target for unscrupulous marketers, who will take advantage of your naivety.  You will be told that you need training and tools and more.  Yes, you do need training and tools and more, but much of what you need is available at no cost with no compromise in quality or service. Free does not necessarily mean inferior.  


If you are new to Internet marketing, it may take a while for you to get results.   If you spend alot of money to get started, and you do not see immediate results, you will probably begin to question your decision.  If your expenditures are minimal or zero, initially, your chances of sticking with this Internet marketing stuff are better.  You have chosen an opportunity that is life changing, as long as you do not quit.  


Below are some of the free IM resources that will help you, without costing you any money.   You will, of course, find many more resources at the IM Training Center, which is free to join.


Free Web Hosting:


This site is a free site hosted by 000Web.  You get two sites free.

In addition to substantial web space and bandwith, you also have 

a free drag and drop site builder wiith 190 free templates tochoose from.

A feature that you will need is the ability to upload and 000Web allows uploading.


Cloud Access offers a Wordpress and/or Joomla website.  A simple one click 

install activates your site.  You get all the options and plug-ins of a paid site, but free.  

You get 500MB of web space and there seems to be no limit on bandwidth. Why 

Cloud Access may benefit you is the training,  You will find step by step videos to

make your set up easy. 


Altervista provides free hosting with site builder, Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress

one click installations and uploading.  As far as I know, altervista give you the most

space, 1GB of web space and 30GB of bandwidth.  This is more than many low

priced hosting packages.


Free Training


IBOToolbox is a social platform for Independent Business Owners.  If you are trying to

create a website presence, IBOToolbox has the tools, videos, training and support that

you need.  IBO is free to join and stays free.  The training alone is priceless.  As a free

member, you will be rewarded with free advertising credits for each visit, for each training

webinar you attend, each comment you make, each post you make, and more.  In other

words, while you are fiditing and earning at IBO, you will be rewarded with credits that

you can use to advertise for free.


Wealthy Affiliate is a free Internet Marketing training site.  They claim to be the best 

training site on the Internet and they are.  You can join free and remain free as long as you like.

You will have 2 free websites as a free member. and free access to Phase One training, 

which is perfect for getting started.  In addition, Wealthy Affiliate members are a family of like

minded individuals who are learning and working at succeeding on the Internet.  What this means

to you is a huge resource of help and support.   When you access their free site builder, you will 

be asked:  Are you ready to be amazed?   You will be!  












Careful!  Lots of free stuff is great, but not everything.          


Free Autoresponder    


Most free autorespnders are free for 30 days.  After your free trial, then most

autoresponders are from $10 to $20+ per month.   Free Follow Up is free and

stays free with no ads.   The only catch is that you can only have one campaign


Free Squeeze Page Generator


Instant Squeeze Page Generator (ISPG) is a free tool that helps

you to effortlessly and almost instantly create a professional

squeeze page.   ISPG give you much more than free squeeze page

software.  You will also find help with products and offers that you

can use for incentives (check your bonus items).  In addition, you

will find ready made banners that you can rebrand and more.


Free Keyword Tool


Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a free tool from Google for finding keywords.     

With this tool, you can get keyword ideas, research keywords, as well as

determine search volume and competion and pricing.  You can use your

Keyword Planner to evaluate traffic, trneds, niches, and more to forecast

your keyword and niche performance.       


Free Video Tools  


Youtube:  You may not realize how much Youtube has

to offer in terms of page rank, being found, and traffic  


The Youtube Creator Academy is definitely worth visiting.


Youtube Help is a great place to begin your training.


Youtube Trends (and Google Trends) are excellent sources

for traffic siphoning.





Powtoons:  If you want to have fun while creating an animated video,

Powtoons is amazing and itis free. You can create a video from scatch,

which is easy or use a template.  Powtoons can boast that they 

are used by some major com[anies such as Coca Cola.  A simple step by

step process makes anyone a video pro.


Kizoa  Online movie maker, movie editor, cloud, photo editor,                      Biteable;  Biteable claims to be the world's simplest video maker. 

for business, for school, for fun.                                                                     It is!  You need absolutely no technical skills or knowlege to create

                                                                                                                       fast, free and professional videos.















Ezvid:  Ezvid is a downloadable free video editor.  It allows you to combine videos, add music, add your own aaudio, and more.


Screencast-o-matic:  An extraordinary free online screen capture tool that allows 15 minutes of video!