Getting Started Step Two

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You may have been told or you may believe that you need a million dollar website to get started.




One of the myths of Internet Marketing is that you heed a website.  You may also feel that you need template and design knowledge.  You do not.


Personally, I did not feel like an aspiring Internet Marketer, until I got my very own website.  Once I got my site, then my status seemed 'official'. As I mentioned, you do not need a site, but you may feel as I did...that you have to have one.  


If you must have one, consider FREE.  This site is free.  I have a paid host, and I love it, but I use some free hosts just to prove how good they really are.


Another myth is that free hosting is poor quality hosting or bad sevice.  That is not true.  It is every bit as good as paid.  


So why do I have a paid host?   


Free hosting has limits and no domain names.  Most paid hosts are unlimited and you can choose your domain name to match your site or niche, 


As far as free hosting,  most free hosts give you  quality hosting with one catch.  Your web space and bandwidth will have limits.  Most do not even have ads.