Getting Started

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The most important part of getting started is the act of taking that first step.


Learn what you should do before you take that step.

Learn what you should do after that first step at little or no cost.  


Be A Business Owner


Since you are going to become an entrepreneur, a business man or woman, you

need to determine what direction that you want to take.  


 First, you want to begin with the firmly rooted idea that you are starting a

business, not a hobby.  You need to treat this venture as a business, to think as

a business owner.  


This means that you want to plan your work and then work your plan.  




Before you physically begin your Internet Journey, you have some research to do.


There are probably over a hundred different areas of Internet marketing for you to consider.  Based on my experience, I recommend that you consider Affiliate Marketing as your entry point.  The reason is that affiliate marketing allows you to partner with an experienced online affiliate who will do most of the work for you.  YOur affiliate(s) will handle most of the details of the sale, delivery, and service.  This frees you up to only have to focus on generating traffic...sending visitors to your affiliate's website(s).  Most affiliate programs pay you a percent of the sale when one of your visitors makes a purchase.


Do NOT jump into multiole streams of income as a newbie.  Your time and focus is too important to dilute it.  Once you learn and master your first area of Internet Marketing, then you can add a stream at a time, mastering each stream as you go.


My suggestion is to begin as an affiliate, then add email marketing, content marketing, and traffic generation to your set of skills.  Add them one at a time.


At this point, make note that you should research which area of marketing is right for you.


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